Hide Your True

If one was to think about their career, they may find that they do something that really matters to them. And if they were to think about what their relationships are like, they may also find that this area of their life is just as fulfilling.

It could be said that this will be the ideal scenario, as one is likely to feel as though they are on the right track in life. However, if only one of these areas was going to plan, their life wouldn’t be the same.

Out of Balance

One could have a fulfilling career but they could find that their relationships are not very fulfilling. This is then likely to mean that they work more than they should, and that they won’t have anyone to share their life with.

The reason they can work harder is because this can be a way for them to avoid how they feel, and there is the chance that one is used to feeling lonely and disconnected. The support, validation, and care, amongst other things, that other people would provide is not going to be available.

Missing Out

There could be people who see them as being extremely successful, and they could even look up to them. But beyond what they have achieved, there is likely to be the sense that something is missing.

The pain that is within them might have a played a big part in how far they have been able to go in this area of their life. So although they are doing well in this area in their life, they are going to want to have people in their life that they can connect with.

The Other Way

On the other hand, one could have people who they are close to, but their career could be going in the wrong direction. In fact, this area of their life could something that they have overlooked for a long time.

One is then going to have a number of people around them who care about them, but they will feel as though something is missing. Something within them will have the need to be heard, and until they are able to listen to this part of themselves, they will continue to suffer.


Even so, one could believe that they should be happy with how their life is, and that they shouldn’t expect to have all of their needs met. If something like this is taking place within them, it will be vital for them to look into why they believe this.

As there is going to be no reason why they shouldn’t have close friends and a fulfilling career. And if one does have a fulfilling career, there is going to be no reason why they can’t have fulfilling relationships.