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5 Benefits of Portable Solar Generators

The popularity of solar energy devices is growing, and households are increasingly moving to this clean energy source. However, when it’s time to get away from home, portable solar generators allow users to take their power source anywhere. Below, readers can learn some of the biggest benefits of building a solar generator.

They’re Very Quiet

Anyone who has ever used a gas generator on a camping trip knows how loud they can be. These loud devices can take all the fun out of a trip and, for preppers, they can give away one’s location. As solar generators don’t have any moving parts, they’re virtually silent. Users can get free power without all the obnoxious noise.

They’re Emission-Free

When fuel-powered units are used in small, enclosed areas, carbon monoxide emissions can quickly overpower occupants, causing serious injury or death. Solar generators do not make emissions, which puts them way ahead in terms of comfort when compared with conventional generators.

They’re Lightweight and Portable

In prepping situations, the primary goal is to carry as little equipment as possible. Fuel-powered generators are very heavy and can take up a great deal of space, which doesn’t leave much room for other supplies. By comparison, a solar generator is lightweight and effortless to carry. When hiking or living outdoors, there’s no denying the value of a solar-powered generator.

Helping the Environment

In 2013, carbon emissions hit an all-time high, and they continue to grow. Therefore, there’s no time like the present to make the switch to solar energy and reduce one’s carbon footprint. A solar generator will not use fuel or emit fumes into the air, which makes it very eco-friendly.

They Cost Nothing to Operate

Once the generator is in service, there’s no need for additional maintenance to keep things going. Users don’t have to pay for repairs and fuel, as everything is already taken care of. At the most, these generators’ panels may need basic cleaning, but that’s it.

While there are tremendous benefits, these generators may not be right for every prepper. Some situations may require more energy than such a generator can offer, and preppers should keep this in mind. However, if someone needs to go off-grid and use as little electricity as possible, a solar generator can be the ideal solution.