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Tips for Moving Families

If you have sold your home or your lease is up, you are now facing the prospect of moving. Even if you have been consistent with cleaning and organizing, packing up an entire house is a large task. The following five tips will help you keep your household in order when preparing for a move.


Gather Your Supplies

The main thing you need is boxes, and the best place to start is with family or friends who have recently moved. Boxes can also be purchased from a UPS store or a home improvement center. Bubble wrap, newspapers, tape and magic markers should be on your list as well.


Be Organized

Organized packing starts with the non-essential items in the garage, cabinets and closets. Sort your clothing by season and leave out only the things you need for the next four to five weeks. Label each box carefully and place packed items in the garage or a storage unit as you continue the process. This creates more space and makes the house seem less chaotic.


Pack Properly

All delicate items should be packed and handled by you, if possible. Wrap plates, glasses and other breakable objects in bubble wrap and stack them in boxes with paper layers. Put toiletries and anything liquid in plastic bags that zip shut. If you have not hired a moving company, cover mattresses and furniture with plastic sheeting or padded blankets to prevent soiling and moisture damage.


Prepare the Children

When you have kids, moving is even more stressful, especially if they are leaving the only home they have ever known. To reduce anxiety, have each child pick out a box to store their favorite toys and then allow the children to keep those boxes with them throughout the moving process. This gives your kids continuity and allows for a faster adjustment time at the new house.


Hire Movers

Sometimes, moving is just too much to handle alone. When you hire a moving company like Wheaton World Wide Moving, you reduce your workload by letting other people do the heavy lifting. Movers will take care of furniture wrapping and may even pack boxes for you. In addition, your items are insured against damage or loss, which brings peace of mind.

Effortless Ways To Spark a Family Discussion

Communicating with your child is crucial to their language development. That probably won’t be a surprising fact to learn; however, if you’re dealing with teens who no doubt have mastered their ability to speak, communcation plays a different role in their development. Effective and healthy communication within a family is a crucial aspect to creating a thriving family unit. Within out own families is where kids learn to have healthy relationships with people outside of their home.

With that in mind, why is it so dang hard sometimes to have a reasonable family discussion? As children turn the corner into their teen years, it can be especially challenging. Defiance, stubborn behavior, and overall struggles for independence are all necessary milestones for every kid as they grow into adulthood. So how can you navigate these intimidating communication challenges to have meaningful conversations that make real connections with your kids?

  1. Choose a Hot Button Topic – This is less suited for little ones, and more aimed towards older children, such as preteens and teens. Bringing up controversial subjects that are going on in the world can be a fascinating insight into how they view the world they live in. Just make sure everyone keeps a cool head.
  2. Discuss Something They (And You) Learned Recently – One of my favorite things to do, especially with younger kids, is to have everyone tell you something they learned that day. It could have been at school, but it doesn’t have to be. The best part about this is that it pushes you to learn something to share later.
  3. Set Family Goals – Ask them what they want to do over the weekend or maybe something big they would like to do over the summer. Make some plans as a family and then do them.
  4. Conduct a “Family Interview” – This may sound like a goofy idea, but it is surprisingly effective. Once a week, give one member of the family a chance to “interview” another member of the family. They can ask anything they like. It is a great way for everyone to get to know things they didn’t know before about their loved ones.
  5. Ask About Their Emotional State – You may have no idea what is going on in your child’s mind. Their emotional state can be so delicate and as they get older they may begin to hide it. Take some time to ask them what they have been feeling lately, and why. These could be good or bad emotions. Remain understanding, and don’t offer solutions unless they ask for them.

A Form Of Indirect Revenge

If one was to go on a date with someone, they might come across as though they are looking for a relationship. Thus, if the other person wants the same thing, this is going to have a positive effect on them.

Online Dating

However, if these two people met through the internet, this is likely to be something that has already been made clear. And if the other person hadn’t said that this is what they wanted online, there is the chance that they wouldn’t even be on date.

Now that they are together, it will give them the opportunity to get to know each other better, and to find out if they are compatible. As even if they believed that they had a connection beforehand, it doesn’t mean that this is actually the case.

An Illusion

Trough talking over the phone and over a screen, both of them could believe that they are going to get on really well. One of them could find that the other person is funny, and the other could believe that the other person is easy going, for instance.

So now that they are together for the first time, both of them might find that it’s as if they are with someone else. This could cause both of them to feel let down, and as though they have been wasting their time.

Another Outcome

Alternatively, this could be a time when everything seems to go to plan; with them getting on like a house on fire. Once their first date has come to an end, they could soon find a time to get together again.

But even if two people were to come into contact with each other in the real world, there is still no guarantee that their first date would be any different. For example, two people could meet on a night out and, when the met again, they might not have a connection.

On A Different Page

In addition to this, one of them might want to settle down with someone, and the other might not want to settle down at this stage in their life. This could be something that will become clear more or less straight away, or it might come out into the open once the date is over.

It could be said that even if one of them feels let down, it won’t be because they were lied to. What it will come down to is that they had certain expectations and, as these were not met, it caused them to experience pain.

Out In the Open

In this case, one will have set themselves up to suffer as opposed to being taken for a ride by someone else. But regardless of whether they had expectations in place, at least they will be able to move on and to find someone who does want what they want.

If one wanted to have a relationship and another person said that they wanted the same thing even though they didn’t, it would be far worse. In the short-term, it would be far easier for them to deal with.

Grow Old in Style

Growing old is too often associated with loss, loss of friends and family, loss of independence and loss of style. To allow age to define your lifestyle and your happiness would be an extremely defeatist and unchallenging attitude to have. Growing old should be a vibrant experience, a time that all of your previous living has been leading up to. Your wisdom and experience should be a factor in your everyday decisions, how you act, how you treat people, how you dress and essentially how you live your life. Growing old in style is all about acceptance, accepting that life is changing, that loss will happen and that at times, help from others will be needed. If you can draw together all of your experience and learn to accept everything in your path, then you will most certainly live a vibrant and colourful life.

Dress to impress:

There are no real guides and confinements to what anybody should wear. The only golden rule to dressing yourself when you get older is to wear what makes you feel good. Whether that we a knitted jumper or a cocktail dress. Age should not make you shrink away from making a statement or wearing something crazy. Life is essentially too short for conservatism and for preventing yourself from doing something that makes you happy. Dress however you like and answer to nobody but yourself.

Live well:

Healthy living is so important throughout life, but as you get older, you become more susceptible to diseases and ailments. Cut out bad habits like smoking and excessive drinking if you would like to increase your life expectancy. Exercise regularly and eat well to improve mobility and to keep you active for longer. You owe it to yourself to improve your quality of living. Exercising is only as gruelling or unenjoyable as a person makes it, if you’re not one to get on the treadmill and run a marathon, then why not try a dance class or go for a walk on the beach or through some country lanes? Keeping yourself active is sure to make you happier and healthier at the same time. Living well does not mean living a regimented fitness lifestyle, but rather being aware of what is going to make you feel better and live longer and make allowances for it.

Get with the technology:

There are certain technologies that can improve your quality of life as you get older. Some great examples are the IPad, which will allow you to communicate with your family and browse the internet, and the user friendly GrandCare system, which will allow you to set reminders and will allow your family to access information about you without feeling as though you are being checked up on. It’s quite easy to feel isolated when you are surrounded by people who have adopted technology into their everyday lives, but if you take simple steps to familiarise yourself with different technology, then it will give you the advantage and can bring you closer to your family.

Do what excites you:

Make sure that you’re not somebody who feels that they have missed an opportunity to do something that excites them, or that they have always wanted to do. Life is not meant to be filled with regret or missed opportunity. Whether there’s a certain destination you want to go to, or something daring that you want to do – i.e. skydiving or bungee jumping, then go for it! There is never a wrong age to learn a new skill or make a new memory, make sure that you get the most out of life and do everything in your power to make dreams a reality.